Value Added Services

At Arrival, we are all about a comprehensive service offer. With our value-added services, we ensure that every aspect of our client's logistics needs aren’t just met but exceed expectations.

Small Parcel Discount Service

Every day, our clients use the world’s best couriers to ship their small boxes and envelopes worldwide. We’ve negotiated significant discounts with leading courier companies, offering substantial savings to our customers.

Services include:

  • Next Day Air Service
  • Ground Service
  • International Air
  • Domestic Air

PO Management

As an integral part of your supply chain, we have developed tools to help our customers manage their purchase orders. Purchase order data is manually or electronically (EDI) sent to our system and “lives” there collecting all pertinent information about shipping schedules, ship dates, tracking status, shipping quantity etc. This information is then transmitted back to you or your enterprises’ software.

This tool is becoming an increasingly popular method for our customers to increase visibility, reduce data entry, and improve information accuracy. Find out how you can integrate your PO management with your freight files by contacting us today.

Price Ticket Printing

Companies spend exorbitant amounts of money every year, shipping price tickets to their suppliers in China. The extra time and expenditures have been virtually eliminated with a newly added printing service set up in our Shanghai facility. Custom made price tickets and many major retailers templates are available to be printed and shipped locally in China to your vendors’ address.

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